The Photography Police Are Going To Be Angry

Colorado ghost town Goldfield
City Hall in Goldfield, Colorado.

More ghost town action meets more Adobe Photoshop Generative AI editing.

Today’s image is a deception, in so much that it doesn’t look the way the scene actually appears in real life. I photographed this restored building in the ghost town of Goldfield, Colorado (Near Cripple Creek.) The idea was to clean up the distracting junk that surrounded this building so that it looks all nice and shiny.

Goldfield, Colorado - Ghost Town
Before on the left, after on the right

I’ll show you the before and after. (click the image to get a full screen look)

It took me about 5 minutes of editing using the Photoshop Beta with Generative AI. Easy, easy, easy.

So, what did I do?

I removed the car and boat that was parked behind the building. I removed the sides of two houses on the right side of the frame. I removed a traffic cone laying in the grass to the right of the porch. I also replaced the clear blue sky with one of my sky photos. I removed a little bit of lens distortion to make the building look straighter. Minor cropping to change the aspect ratio to my liking. The whole editing session took less than 5 minutes.


Because I can.

After visiting many of these ghost towns, I’m finding a common theme. People are spending hours and hours of their time and tons of money to restore these old buildings and then they pile their junk up inside them and around them. Whats the point of restoring these old abandoned structures if you’re going to turn the restored building into an eyesore with your junk. I can’t clean up the environment in the real world, so I’ll clean up the junkyards with photo editing.

Finish the job. It’s the least I can do.