More Ghost Town Exploring

Abandoned Roundhouse in the Ghost Town of Como, Colorado

I’ve been sort of side-tracked lately with repairs to the cabin (now completed) and buying a new vehicle for my photography.

Back to the tasks at hand, I made a trip to South Park, Colorado to visit the ghost town of Como, Colorado and also Tarryall, Colorado.

Como is an interesting place. It’s still inhabited but there are a number of abandoned structures in the town going back to the days when it was a rail hub for South Park. Today, a lot of the old buildings still stand and are in various states of dilapidation/restoration. The cover photo is of the old railroad roundhouse. It’s private property and one can’t stroll in get a closer look, so I made this photo from the fence. Notice the railroad ties. They obviously laid these without alignment or proper spacing. From what I’ve read, the people who own these abandoned and rehab structures want to someday turn the town into a tourist attraction. I’m doubtful that will ever be successful beyond getting a few of the buildings restored for tourists. Time will tell.

Fully Restored Civic Center in Como.

A few buildings have been restored, but there are others that are totally falling apart and in ruins.

Abandoned Building in Como Ghost Town

The work continues. I have a list of ghost towns to visit. Some more interesting than others. So far, it’s been fun exploring the history of Colorado.

On a broader note, there has been some discussion online as to what constitutes a ghost town, or abandonment, or historical site. The lines get blurred. There are a ton of places in Colorado of historical significance which aren’t known as ghost towns. There are many abandoned places that have since become inhabited to one degree or another. The main goal of my research is to identify and document these forgotten places and let others figure out what to call them.