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Photography Articles by Gary Gray

I’ve written hundreds of photography articles over the years. I am in the process of updating some of the more currently relevant articles as well as continuing to write new photography articles as I redesign my websites. As work progresses, this is the page to find them.


Written Articles

Don’t Be A Backup Chump

What It Takes For Me To Buy Into Mirrorless

Understanding Extension Tubes

Tips And Tricks – Fixing A Harsh Bokeh In Photoshop

More Tips And Tricks – Post Processing

Tips And Tricks

Burning Bridges

Remastering Old Photographs

Random Thoughts

Monte Vista Sandhill Cranes After Action Report

Find Your Style

Pragmatism In The World Of Photography

The Economic Reality Of Photographic Equipment

Back To The Bison – Things Learned

Yellowstone – After Action Report

Over Analyzing

The Trouble With Bison

Understanding Lens Micro-focus Calibration On DSLR’s

Prime Time

My Year In Photography – 2021

Things They Can Stop Telling And Showing Us

Planning For The Future

Nikon’s Mirrorless Problem

Union Pacific Big Boy After Action Report

Photoshop CC – Neural Filters

2021 Northern Colorado Moose Update

A Fool’s Errand

Scenes From Dinosaur National Monument

Sandwash Basin After Action Report

Rediscovering Pronghorn Antelope


Adobe Super Resolution Be Good

Used Gear Is A Cheap Way To Get Into Photography

Are Mirrorless Cameras Better Than DSLR’s?

Print Sizes And The 300 DPI Myth

Lens Filters – Should You Use Them?

To XQD Or Not To XQD

Final Verdict – Tamron 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3 Di VC USD

The Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – How I Got This Photograph

12 bit vs 14 bit RAW files

Sky Editing With Photoshop AI Update

The Single Point Of Failure

It’s Enough To Make A Grown Man Cry

Wildlife Photography Pointers For Working From Your Vehicle

The Depth of Field Myth – Full Frame vs Crop Sensor

A Primer For Achieving Sharp Focus on Super-telephoto Lenses


Video Articles