A Fool’s Errand

While browsing Facebook a while back, I noticed an advertisement pop up on my Facebook News Feed.

Some unknown company was claiming they were going bankrupt and selling all their photography equipment at extreme discounts. Case in point, a AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR was listed at an amazing price of $49.89 US. This lens sells for much more than that. It couldn’t possibly be legit I thought.

Reading the comments on the advertisement, it was obvious that most of the Facebook users were warning of a scam, fraud, bogus advertisement.

Well, I just had to find out. Knowing full well I was probably wasting my money, I ordered the lens for the advertised price of $49.89 including free shipping. The company appeared to be a Chinese company and they accepted PayPal. Ad to it the fact that this was sponsored content on Facebook, there may be a minuscule possibility that it is for real.

I got the notice that my lens had been shipped, from where-ever it may be shipping from. It’s still a mystery. I have a tracking number from some unknown shipping company, where-ever it may be. I have a receipt from PayPal, indicating that I paid for the lens to someone in an Asian country.

I seriously doubt that I’ll ever see the lens though. It was worth it just to see how the scam works. On the remote possibility they have a warehouse full of Nikon lenses they are selling dirt cheap, I look at it as playing a slot machine.

I’ll report back on how this works out.

In the meantime, I’ve been back on their website at this web address.


They’ve bumped up their prices, the lens is now going for $97.99. Still a steaming hot deal for a lens that normally sells for $800.

I’m curious as to why Facebook would allow this and similar advertising to be hosted on their platform.

I’ll probably get nothing for my money and yes, it’s most likely a fool’s errand.