Nikon’s Mirrorless Problem

The Internet hubbub is picking up regarding Nikon (and other camera manufacturers) desire to get you to switch to mirrorless cameras so they can dump DSLR’s. The problem is, nearly half of the DSLR owners haven’t bitten on mirrorless yet (myself included.)

My reasoning for not switching hasn’t changed. Mirrorless cameras are just fine. Mirrorless lens selections are not. Particularity if you are using a Nikon mirrorless body. Plus, third party vendors such as Tamron and Sigma aren’t exactly building their new mirrorless lenses for the Nikon mount.

So, a Nikon mirrorless user is stuck with a very good selection of Z lenses, mostly primes, up to 200mm focal length. After that, zilch. Sorry, I use longer focal lengths for wildlife, so my motivation to switch to a Nikon Z body is still ZILCH. Z(ilch) as in Z system.

If and when the time comes to buy a new camera body, it will not be any time soon, and by that time the current crop of Nikon Z bodies (and Sony and Canon) will most likely be obsolete as well. Why buy into a system that is already obsolete? My next camera body will probably not be a Nikon, as I’ll probably switch to the vendor that has the best lens selection for my needs. If I had to switch tomorrow, I’d be looking at Sony. Who knows what the market will be in 2-3 years, which would probably be the time period before I’d start giving it serious thought.

Nikon continues to discontinue F mount lenses, slowly reducing the DSLR shooter’s options, but the rate of additions to the Z line is not progressing very fast. In the meantime, Nikon has all but insured that I won’t be buying any new Nikon gear either now or in the future. Tough shit for Nikon, I’m not brand loyal.