Taking Care Of Business

Photograph of a prairie dog.

It may appear that I’ve been neglecting things, but in truth, I’ve been quite busy these past few weeks.

Pandemic issues aside, I don’t really have much going on with photography as a pursuit. I will; however,  be beginning my annual Bighorn Sheep photography later this month. Right now though, I’m busy behind the scenes working on the things that keep my photography pursuits working.

You may have noticed a recent post about my selling off some camera gear. Since shortly before the pandemic started, I began assembling a spare photography kit. I finished up that task earlier this summer. What I’ve determined is that I don’t really need a spare photography kit. I was just bored, so I’ve changed course and decided to sell off some spare kit gear to pay for new gear to shore up my main kit. I’ve already sold a couple of things and I’m sure I’ll be able to get rid of the rest of my unwanted gear. I’ve also purchased a few things that will improve my main kit, which will be based on a Nikon D850 and D810.

There are the other things too.

I’ve fully migrated my photo editing pc to Windows 11. It’s working fine and there were no issues getting it to work and using it. Not that impressive an update though. Mostly fresh lipstick.

Still editing and submitting images for the stock catalogs, and overall my stock photography sales are up from 2020, but not quite back to pre-pandemic levels. Not to worry though. I should do well for the year, much better than last year anyway.

My wheeling-dealing with used camera gear is in full-tilt boogie mode right now. I always do this as winter approaches to keep the mind occupied and the cash flowing. I continue to analyze the mirrorless ICL camera world, and to be honest, I’m still unimpressed. I plan to hang on to the DSLR’s until they laugh me out of town.

Then we have the standard issues such as renewing the web site hosting plans, renewing my annual Colorado Business report with the Secretary of State. You’ll be happy to know that I’m still a registered business entity in Colorado and in good standing. Woo hoo!

On the home side, everyone in the house is doing well. Nobody has contracted the virus, we are all vaccinated and will probably be getting our booster shots in the next month or two.

Autumn foliage color is beginning to come in here in town, about a week later than normal. The blistering heat and drought of the summer months has abated and I’m actually enjoying the cooler climate. I imagine we’ll have snow within a month.

In the meantime, I’ll keep on trucking and taking care of business.