Returning To The Scene Of The Crime

Bighorn Sheep in Colorado
Wild Bighorn Sheep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Sunday morning’s outing in the mountains to look for bighorn sheep was a great way to wind up the bighorn rut.

My first stop was in the same location where my car broke down back in November. No bighorn in that spot yesterday, but the repaired SUV didn’t break down either.

I made my normal mountain rounds, discovering that the Starbucks in Dumont was once again open. I planned ahead and brought my own coffee instead, but I’m happy to see they are back in business. This darn pandemic has been hell on restaurants and other businesses. Dumont isn’t exactly a big town, so what few jobs their local Starbucks provide are probably much needed. The coffee isn’t bad either.

As luck would have it, I found two large herds of bighorn hanging out in the snow across from Georgetown lake. A spot that has been productive over the years but for some reason seems to have been silent this year. l think it has to do with snow. The sheep come down from the mountain to graze in snow that isn’t quite as deep where they sleep.

I managed 16 stock photos of the critters, so I’ll take it.

Thus ends my bighorn hunts for this year.