At Least I Have Photos To Edit

Mule Deer Buck on the Run.

I’m hunkered down in the office today, sipping coffee, cleaning up the photography catalogs.

The constant awareness of my isolation due to the pandemic is resulting in my not doing a lot of photography this year. It has me in a rut I think. I was looking over this year’s work and realize that I haven’t done much in the landscape realm this year. I made a brief trip to Wyoming back in July to photograph the bluffs in Chugwater, Wyoming. Nothing spectacular with that, but it generated a few sales on the stock agencies. What I’ve really been missing is vintage train photography. The heritage railroads in Colorado have pretty much shut down their normal runs this year, and to my regret. The train photos I already have are selling like hotcakes, which makes my itching all the worse.

The cure for the moment is to take advantage of the opportunities I do have. Rocky Mountain Arsenal isn’t a difficult trip so I’ve been hitting the refuge at least once a week for the past few months. My most recent visit to RMA was a couple of days ago and it wasn’t chock full o photos, but, there were a few worthy scenes. There are certainly plenty of deer there, but the higher than normal amount of auto traffic there has kept them from hanging out in their normal photographic locations. Slow going it is, but one takes what one gets during a global pandemic.

I ripped off a few hundred deer photos during the last outing. Today’s shot was a fortunate capture from that outing. The mule deer and white-tailed deer are out there. My job, take my time and get what I can get out of it. There’s still a couple of months of useful deer action to be had, not to mention the potential for Bison photos.

In the meantime, I’ll continue on with the hunkering and editing. At least I have photos to edit until I get back out.