Photoshop Generative Fill – First Look

I’ve installed the beta version of Adobe Photoshop with AI Generative Fill.  Here’s a quick take on how well it works.

I used a panoramic photograph I made on the Big Island of Hawaii at the Green Sand Beach on the Southern tip of the island.

I asked Photoshop to insert a couple of boats into the scene to ascertain the scaling and realism of the artificial content.

Here’s what I got. (click on the images to see a larger rendering)

Original Image


Two boats inserted


Zoom in on AI generated boats

Not horrible, but the resolution of the AI generated content doesn’t match up with the resolution of the image. I’d keep these AI insertions to use on smaller file sizes. The original image I worked with as 51.4 megapixels.

Shadow rendering is different for both boats. Neither really match the scene. Not that smart.

Scaling is pretty close, but I did get results that did not match the scale of the scene. The angular perspective isn’t bad. The original image was from a hillside looking down on the scene. The AI boats seem to recreate the angle fairly well.

My initial opinion is that the tool works but you will have to be selective about how and when to use it and be prepared for things that don’t look realistic. The generation is done via text prompt, so at least you can play with it.

Personally, I wouldn’t use this much in a commercial application, at least until I perfected my understanding and Adobe make the AI engine a little more powerful.

Your mileage may vary.