It’s What I Do

Winter scene in Buck Gulch, Colorado
Winter Landscape in Buck Gulch, Colorado

I have scheduled a photography trip to Yellowstone National Park for late January, 2022.

I have neglected winter photography as a subject, which when you think about it is a little bit odd. Living in Colorado and having access to some of the most beautiful winter mountain scenery in the world, one would imagine that I’ve covered the subject over the past two decades. The truth is, I haven’t. Most of the winter scenery I’ve photographed over the years has been done while on hikes and visits to some of the mountain recreation areas. I’ve never really planned a trip for that purpose though.

My issue for the past 10 years or so has been health related for the most part. It’s difficult for me to do a lot of hiking due to a degenerative lower spine, so my hiking days are pretty much behind me. Doesn’t mean I can’t move around, it’s just difficult to do long hikes these days. Getting old is hell.

Still, I am a landscape photographer and the need to add to my landscape photography portfolio is still there. Thus, a visit to Yellowstone in the winter.

I’ll spend several days in Yellowstone, working the Lamar Valley and West Yellowstone with some friends who are familiar with working there in the winter. It will be my first winter trip there, so I’m looking forward to breaking the boredom, doing something different and maybe make a little money from it. My landscape photography generally sells 2:1 better than my wildlife photography. I’ll take advantage of that fact. There will also be wildlife involved, so it’s a two for one deal from my view of the road.

I’m still in a preparation stage though. The trip is booked and paid for. The shooting schedule is done. I’m gathering my winter clothing and contemplating gear selections, which will be important. It gets pretty cold up there in the winter. The trip is still about 6 weeks away, but I figured I’d get this one on the blog record to keep me motivated.

When I’m back from that trip, I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of the results here and on Facebook.

It’s what I do.