Endeavor To Persevere

Shiras Cow Moose at sunrise
Shiras moose cow at sunrise. Near Lake Erie, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.

I’ve been collecting my thoughts lately. The pandemic has certainly continued to cramp my photography pursuits, but, I’ve been out more this year than last year and have managed to keep my expectations in check. I’m in the heart of moose photography season this year. The big trip is next week when I’ll be gathering with other photographer friends in Red Feathers for our annual (minus 2020) moose outing. More challenges await. More photos too I hope.

My enthusiasm for writing has been low lately. There just isn’t much to write about at the moment. I read the photography websites and for the most part they are uninteresting. Seems the photography press is hung up on Sony mirrorless cameras and cell phones. Not overly inspiring. Most of the articles I’m reading are about as involved as “how to pick your nose” and most of those articles seem to focus on subject matter that doesn’t really apply to my world of photography. It is what it is. One must find inspiration elsewhere I suppose.

I am; however, excited to have at least three trips lined up between now and autumn. First, next week’s moose trip, followed by a train chase across Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado around labor day, and then a trip with my wife to South Dakota and Wyoming and who knows where else in late September. Between these trips, I’ll probably be mostly hanging out at home watching the critters dance across the lawn and garden. Life isn’t always full of excitement, but being retired during a pandemic has cut down on the social activity. The trick is to stay happy and so far so good. For the next few days, I’ll be gearing up for the moose trip. That keeps me engaged enough to fight the boredom. The moose trips are kinda like fishing trips without the fish. At least that is the approach I’ve formulated in my mind. Isn’t that what retired old men do? Go fishing? Well, I go moosing instead.

I’ll pick up with the writing once I have something to talk about. In the meantime, endeavor to persevere.