Keeping Ourselves Entertained

Colorado Mule Deer Buck
Mule Deer Buck with summer velvet on his antlers

I’ve just returned from a stint in Northern Colorado at my cabin in Red Feather Lakes. It was nice to get away from the heat here in the Denver area, which has been running in the mid-upper 90’s for weeks now. The weather patterns aren’t normal these days. Anyone claiming the Global Warming isn’t occurring isn’t very intelligent. We aren’t going to wish or deny this problem away.

When I’m at the cabin in the summer, I normally get up each morning before sunrise and make the rounds of the village lakes and other known spots for wildlife. I’ve counted at least 10 healthy moose living/frequenting the area near my cabin. We had a cow and year old calf run through our yard Monday evening. The dogs gave them the what-for and they scurried on along to the nearby creek and out of sight. I also spotted a cow with twin newborn calves running around about a mile from the cabin. Other large bulls and cows are scattered around most of the lakes. It’s a lot of fun not having to spend hours driving to find the critters. The photo for today is of a Mule Deer Buck that walked past my SUV while I was watching a large bull moose browsing at a pond about 150 yards from me. Not close enough to him to get anything really dramatic, but I still snap the shots just to identify the animal.

Colorado Bull Moose
Bull Moose near Red Feather Lakes

I sent my Nikon D810 in to Nikon service last week to get a cleaning and tuneup. I’m asking them to replace the rubber grips too, as the camera is showing a little wear and tear. They have it and are working on it. Hopefully I’ll have it back in a week or two. In the meantime, I’m not without good cameras to use, but I do love the D810 despite its age and all. Probably my favorite camera of all time and that’s saying a lot, as I’ve owned dozens of cameras over the years.

I’m back in Littleton for a week or so, hunkering down in the cool house and cooling off in the hot-tub, which has been converted to a cool-tub for this summer heat. I like to sit in the tub at night and watch the stars. Nothing social going on at the moment, most of my friends are playing catch up with their lost year and I’m relegated to enjoying time at home until I can get back to the mountains. Not to worry, I don’t mind the alone time with the family. I’ve never really been much of a social butterfly anyway. The wife and I have no problems keeping ourselves entertained.