Wildlife Wednesday

Migrating Pronghorn Adult in Prairie Grass and Wild Flowers

Looking through my photographs of wildlife in Colorado, I’ve determined that I need to concentrate more effort on photographing some of Colorado’s more elusive animals. One of those animals are the Pronghorn.

I see a lot of pronghorn when I’m traveling around the state, but I seldom put a concerted effort into finding them and getting really nice shots of these animals can be a challenge, even in the best of circumstances. Pronghorn move around quite a bit. They are also very skittish animals and do not tolerate the presence of humans. They are also very fast, second in the world only to the Cheetah; however, the pronghorn can sustain high speeds for a longer period than the Cheetah.

As I move into my spring photography, I’ll be spending more time looking for and photographing these interesting critters. Time to improve my portfolio.