Things I Do On A Snowy Day

White-tailed buck White-tailed buck at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR.

Hanging out in the office today playing with some recent photos and video I made at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR.

I came across this buck and a few does walking along a ridge as I was driving through RMA the other day. If you have been following my recent missives, you’ll also know that I’ve installed a dash-cam in my SUV and it came in handy in this instance. It recorded me making this photo from the hood of my Explorer on that cold morning. I extracted a brief clip and posted it to my YouTube channel, which is linked below.

This is a sample video of me basically practicing my video editing skills. Nothing too complicated. I downloaded some free ambient music for background and recorded the Nikon D850 shutter sound for special effects.

I’ve been learning more about video production lately, a project for this winter I suppose. I’ve settled on using 4k/30P as my standard for now. For the internet, things get converted down to HD but that’s okay for computer display.

I have several different video editing software packages, but I haven’t settled on exactly which software is going to be the best for my purposes. Originally, I started out with Corel Video Studio Elite 2019, but it was never very adept at handling 4k video. I splurged on an update to that software to the 2022 Pro version, and it seems to have resolved the earlier issues. Now all I have to do is figure out how to make it stop throwing advertising at me. How annoying.

I also need to obtain a collection of sound clips and ambient music clips for adding to my videos. Looking at freeware stuff today and I have a start on it. I don’t want to just use copyrighted music, it’s better to get the public domain stuff. Something to do in my down time.

The dash-cam is working out quite well though. It will help me generate more documentary clips for future video compositions. It’s a learning curve, but I have been following along pretty well so far.

For a more robust video camera in the field, I plan to use my Nikon D850 which will also make 4k/30P video files.

These are the things I do on a snowy day.