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The San Juan Range near Last Dollar Road.
The San Juan Range near Last Dollar Road.

I’ve installed the latest Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop updates on all my computers. I’m fairly impressed with the new Photoshop feature for sky replacement. This is going to give me a lot of stock photography wiggle room on photos that otherwise would not have been used. Today’s photo was taken in the Autumn of 2011 and I had never edited it before because the sky was dull and grey. Quickly fixed in Photoshop. A new stock photo too.

DXO Labs has released DXO PhotoLab Elite 4, which I’ve also updated. The new release improves on what may be the industry benchmark for removing noise from images, as well as a few other enhancements which I’ll get around to playing with. My initial tests on the new DeepPRIME noise reduction is encouraging. Comparing the original Prime noise reduction to the new AI based algorithm, DeepPRIME shows a definite improvement on what was already pretty darn good noise reduction.

From my tests, the new DXO PhotoLab 4 works well on ISO 6400 test images from my Nikon DSLR Bodies.

Here is a 100% crop sample at ISO 6400 image taken on my Nikon D750.

The first image is no noise reduction, the second is with the new DeepPRIME noise reduction.

No complaints.