Gearing Up On The First Day Of Spring

Spring in the Rockies
Spring in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Today is the first day of spring and here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, it’s often difficult to get spring fever as winter-like conditions persist until the laws of physics take over.

I’ve recently returned from Monte Visa, CO for the annual Sandhill Crane migration so the photography is picking up a little but my next major trip will be in late May to photograph Dinosaur National Monument and Wild Horses in Sand Wash Basin.

I’ve spent the last year updating my photography kit and it’s just about complete. I’ve added two new camera bodies and about 6 lenses. A couple more miscellaneous items to go though. One is to replace my “heavy” camera pack with more of a photography travel suitcase, something with wheels and a little more storage. The idea being that I’ll be using this kit for road travel when working from a vehicle for several days. More room in the case and fewer unnecessary straps and stuff hanging off the bag. I have a “light” kit that will hold essential gear for day trips. The old “heavy” pack has served me well, but it’s time to replace the worn out road warrior with something more suitable for long road trips.

Another item I’m adding to the photography kit is a set of 2-way UHF walkie-talkies. I’ve used walkie-talkies in the past on moose trips, and they proved handy when we had large enough groups that required more than one vehicle. Since they operate on FRS bands, power and range is limited, but for vehicle to vehicle communications in areas with no cellular phone coverage, they provide a great way to keep the group informed and located. I’ll write more on this subject later, once I’ve selected my radios and tested them out in the field. But, I think I have a good idea what I need and what will work best, I am a radio engineer by training, so it’s not a mystery to me.

On a final note. I’ve received my first vaccine for COVID-19 and will be getting my second shot in mid-April. This loosens the vice a little bit. I’ve managed to stay healthy over the past year, but at the cost of interacting with people in most situations. Once I’ve completed my vaccine regimen, I’ll be able to loosen the reins a little bit and actually get some work done, including with other photographers. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.