Gary's Stock Photography

Private One-On-One & Group Photography Classes

Learn to be a better photographer.


Gray Photography offers private photographic tutoring at a reasonable cost of $35 per hour.  Minimum of 2 hours for 1st session.


I believe the best way to learn photography is to learn it from a seasoned photographer. I'll provide you with individual instruction and my many years of experience, in a nurturing and professional manner.


A partial or full day photo outing to one of many great front range locations for landscape, wildlife, nature and people photography. You pick the subject, I'll teach you how to get the shots. Camera and photography fundamentals, lens selections and techniques, advanced photographic techniques. You'll come away a better photographer and have a great time in the process.


Do you have the desire to take good photographs and a willingness to travel 1 or 2 hours from the Denver area? On-location shoots are available. We'll travel to some of my favorite local haunts for personal instruction on the art of Landscape Photography. All that is required is a Digital SLR, a lens and a few other basic necessities.


The best way to learn to take better photographs is to learn with the help of a skilled and experienced professional. 90% of photography and getting better shots has absolutely nothing to do with your gear. Only after you've mastered the fundamentals will you be able to take advantage of more expensive gear. Give me a call or send me an email, I'll help you learn to be a better photographer.


Sorry, no point & shoot training. My training is for those interested in taking their SLR photography to a new level.


These are just some of the subjects I can teach you.


    Understanding your camera's controls

    Fundamentals of Photography

    Fundamentals of Digital Imaging

    Using your Digital SLR to it full potential.

    Photographic Composition

    Wildlife Photography Techniques

    Sports Photography Techniques

    Landscape Photography Techniques

    Macro/Close-up Photography Techniques

    Portrait Photography Techniques

    Lighting Techniques

    Landscape Photography Techniques

    Night Photography Techniques

    Digital Photo editing

    Editing your images for the best print quality

    Fundamentals of printing and advanced printing


I customize the training to each student. This isn't a cookie cutter approach. We'll teach you to use your camera to your fullest potential. I am available by appointment for hourly, half-day, full-day or continuing sessions.