The Home Stretch

Bighorn Ram and Ewe
Wild Bighorn Sheep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Life here in Littleton is heading into the home stretch of 2021.

I have to say that despite the ongoing pandemic, I’ve managed to have an active year of photography, all things considered

I’ve just finished up a buddy trip to photograph the bighorn sheep with my friend Jonathan Steele. We squeezed two photography trips in this year and both were a lot of fun.

I’ll probably wrap the year up working at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, looking for deer and bison photos. I’m always keen on “bison in the snow” photos. They do sell pretty well.

On the stock photography front, my overall sales have been up from 2020 by about 6%. I would say my productivity has dropped though. My goal this year was to have my online catalogs up to 5,000 images, but I’m falling short of that goal with about 4,600 images in the portfolio as of this writing. It’s okay though. The pandemic has kept me from doing enough work to reach my goal, but I’m still making a profit.

So back to hunkering down for the remainder of the year. My next photography trip will probably be in March to photograph the Sandhill Cranes in Monte Vista. I’ll spend the remainder of the year laying low with the wife and family, keeping out of public places as best I can. We’re all fully vaccinated, including our boosters so with a little common sense and prudent activity on our part, we should be able to dodge the surge in Corona Virus infections that is raging in Colorado right now. I think it’s going to be a long winter.

I’ll occupy my time pruning stock photos, wheeling and dealing photography gear and watching car shows on television.

Until then, may it snow and may the bison be close. My batteries are charged and the camera pack is ready.