The Bristlecone Pine – An Ancient Wonder In Colorado

Wildlife in a Bristlecone Pine Forest - Colorado
Mule Deer Hiding in a Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine Forest

Colorado has several locations where the Bristlecone Pine tree can be found.

For those unfamiliar, the Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine tree (Pinus aristata) is one of three types of Bristlecone Pine and can live to be 3,000 years old. The trees on Mt. Evans and Mt. Goliath are estimated to be between 700-1,600 years old.

The back story on this photograph dates back to 2016. I was doing a private photography tour with a client from Australia. She wanted to visit Mt. Evans to see the mountain goats. The Mt. Goliath viewing area is on the road to the summit of Mt. Evans and we stopped so I could show her the Bristlecone Pine trees. If you look closely at the photo, there is a mule deer standing in the brush beneath and to the left of the two trees in foreground.

Mt. Evans can be accessed from Idaho Springs, by taking The Mount Evans Highway (Colorado Hwy. 5, from Echo Lake to the summit) These days it is a timed entry process, so check their website before you make the drive.