Taking Stock or is it Making Stock?

Bull Elk watching over two cows during the annual rut. Wild Elk in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

During this two week long deep freeze we have been experiencing here in Denver I’ve been working behind the scenes mining and editing old photos from my catalogs for stock image sales. The beauty of my years of work is that I can scrounge through my old images and just about always find some nice photographs that would make a sale or two or more on the stock agencies.

I’ve also added new tools for correcting some of these old photos, which as it turns out has upped my game a bit by taking shots that I’ve previously skipped over for being not quite as good technically as I would have liked them to be and making something salable out of them.

Here’s a sample of a few of dozens of older images I’ve scrounged up and I must say, they look pretty darn good after putting my new tools into production on the older files. The Nikon photos were all just sitting there just waiting to be edited.


The feature elk photo today was taken in 2009 using my Canon EOS 50D.

Bighorn Ram. Photo taken in December 2013 using a Canon EOS 7D


Mule Deer Buck. Photo taken in February of 2020 using the Nikon D810


Wild Coyote in the Hayden Valley of Yellowstone National Park. Photo taken with a Nikon D810


Two Bald Eagles perched in the tree at the entrance of Rattlesnake Hill at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR. January 2022. Photo made with a Nikon D850


I’ve added over 90 photos to my stock portfolio in the month of February. I’m back to full production levels at the moment. With my upcoming trip to Monte Vista in two weeks I’ll probably have another 3,000 photos to work with. Right now my stock catalog contains 4,761 images with more in production. My original goal was to have my portfolio up to 5,000 images by the end of 2021. I didn’t meet that goal, but I’m catching up. This year I hope to up that total to 6,000 images.

More quarters in more coffee cans. The best exposure is paid exposure.

Never give your photos away.