Off To New Mexico

Sandhill Cranes, Bosque del Apache, New Mexico
Sandhill Crane Lifting Off At Sunrise – Bosque del Apache, New Mexico

I was sitting in the office this morning working on a few photos I recently made and it occurred to me that the Sandhill Crane migration in Bosque del Apache, New Mexico was underway.  The last time I photographed the Sand Hill Cranes in Bosque was December 2009. A frozen trip with temps below zero and snowy driving conditions both going there and coming back. That was a lot of snow driving, as it’s an 8 hour drive from Denver.

I got in touch with my buddy Ricky to see if he might be interested in going there in early December and he was ready, willing and able. So, the hotel is booked and we’ll be off to New Mexico on the 1st of December.

The last time I was down there we managed a side trip to the VLA Radio Telescope. Don’t know if we’ll get there this trip, but maybe.

VLA Radio Telescope in New Mexico

I just love last minute, spur of the moment photography trips. Really, I do. Ricky is a great guy to work with, so I expect we’ll have a lot of fun together. After 14 years, I’ll be returning to the birds of Bosque, and it won’t just be about Sandhill Cranes, because there are a ton of other birds down there too.

American Bald Eagle.

I’ll share some photos from the trip when it’s over, so stay tuned.