More Field Testing

Bunny Rabbit

I’ll be heading out this afternoon to do some field testing of the Tamron 100-400mm VC on the Nikon D850.

I took the time yesterday afternoon to calibrate the lens to the camera body, which went quite smoothly. While doing that, a bunny rabbit hopped out of the bushes and let me take its photo. This was an uncalibrated shot, which turns out to be a good quick test to see how the lens performs on a high resolution camera.

Here’s a 100% crop on the eye of the bunny. Normal default adjustments for the import.

bunny eye

Not bad for a consumer grade lens. This was at 400mm, so I can already see that the lens behaves much better optically on the full frame body than it did on the crop sensor D500 zoomed to its maximum reach.

Hopefully, I’ll get a wider selection of test subjects when I hit Rocky Mountain Arsenal today.