Mission Accomplished

From the film scan catalog. Steve and Gary Gray. Circa 1999, Madison, Indiana.

I finished up my Adobe Lightroom catalog consolidation today.  I ended up combining roughly 60 photography catalogs into one master catalog in Lightroom. I seriously underestimated the amount of time required to accomplish this conversion.

As it turns out, I managed to find some buried images that I had totally forgotten where they were hiding. IE, the photo above of my older brother and me from early 1999, taken in Madison, Indiana using a film camera. My younger brother Tony (in the second photo) made this photo of Steve and me outside a restaurant in downtown Madison just before breakfast one morning.

Tony (left) and Steve (right)

I actually uncovered about 1,500 film scans in the conversion process.

So, the end result is I now have a single Adobe Lightroom catalog that contains roughly 313,000 photographs I’ve taken since 1999. Of course, I’ve actually made more than that as I’ve culled out a lot of stuff over the years, not to mention photos from my previous years of life that I am no longer in possession of (they were captured in the wars.)

The catalog file is massive. But, it actually runs quite smoothly and I can quickly navigate between any of my image collections which are stored on the hard drives by year and subject.

Mission accomplished.