Keeping Up With No One.

Shiras Moose Bull - Northern Colorado
Shiras Bull Moose – Northern Colorado

I have been laying low these past few weeks. The summer heat waves and pandemic have kept my activity down to a minimum and that includes my motivation to write. There simply hasn’t been that much excitement to write about. I think my mindset has definitely been altered by living in the reality of the pandemic. I’m finding myself looking for reasons to not get out and work so I’ve spent most of the past year and a half trying to take a less complicated approach to life. Still, my photography pursuits are there, just not in mass quantity like I’ve done for so many years.

I’ve done a fairly thorough scouting of the moose situation in Northern Colorado this summer. I have more moose trips in the works for July and August, so that will be my primary working goal for the remainder of the summer. I’m also working on plans for late September. I’ll probably forgo the normal visits to the usual places and find a different approach and subject matter. The wife and I are going to take two weeks at the end of the summer and travel to a few places we’ve never been. We’ve already booked a trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota and we are both excited to get out on the road alone together. We haven’t done a lot of traveling together these past 5 years so we need to get some “us’ time in before some new calamity cuts us off.

The transition from actively running a photography business to actively being retired is for the most part complete. It’s time to spend more time together. My biggest struggle, mentally speaking, is adjusting to the fact that I’ve done just about everything I’ve ever wanted to do in life with being a “professional” photographer. I no longer have to make a living with photography, so I’ve been adjusting my mindset to one of an enthusiast/amateur. With that comes laziness. It’s okay though, we’ve earned our time off after years of living the rat race.

As for writing. I’m not motivated at the moment. I periodically read the photography websites and from what I can tell, the entire photography world is in a funk at the moment. Most of the reading is rehashing the same old things or yammering about the latest 50mm prime lens for mirrorless systems (buy yours at B&H by clicking this link.) There isn’t much innovation going on with the camera manufacturers right now, it’s mostly promotional hubris trying to get everyone to switch to mirrorless, trying to hold the line in a declining industry. It will all eventually sort itself out. In the meantime, my GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) is at an ebb right now. There’s nothing out there that is going to take my photography to a new level. There is plenty out there that will take my bank account to a lower lever though. I’ll remain part of the resistance. It’s just hype and wheel spinning. I’ll continue living in DSLR world and concentrating on padding my stock photography portfolio for the foreseeable future.

As for the websites, I’m still chugging away with them. There are no major redesigns in the works. The constant push by Google and WordPress to get me to buy into advertising and SEO tools is almost laughable. I’m not selling anything on my websites, I don’t need SSL, I’m just a guy writing things with a photography theme. Apparently, I’m not doing what they want me to do. I could care less if someone can’t read my blog on their iPhone. I don’t read much of anything on my iPhone except text messages and grocery lists.

So, that’s where it is today. Just enjoying a simpler and less complicated life without all the BS distractions and overblown social drama that’s constantly beamed at me. I’m enjoying a much slower pace to life, and I like it that way.

In the meantime, stay healthy and happy. Tune out the noise and tune in to yourself.