I’m In Business

Gary's messy desk

Time for photography talk. The rule is always write about something.

1/200th sec, f/3.2, ISO 25,600, FL 50mm.

I’m playing with a new camera today and the first thing have to find out is how all of my lenses behave with it.

Today, I’m playing with the Nikkor 24-78 f/2.8 E VR, which may be the last version of this lens to be made. By zoom standards, it should be a good lens for the D850. I may write about some of the others.

My first test is to take a single shot, just me lifting the camera and focusing on the big lens sitting on my photography desk.

If the one shot, first try, looks good, I’m in business.

This is the one shot, developed with my standard import setting for all photos, with tweak to the color temperature. This shot has two different color temperatures at least so I dialed out some of the tungsten from a table lamp on my desk.

The image noise is about where the old Canon EOS 1dsMkII was at ISO 3200. DXO noise reduction would improve on that by a stop or even two.

With this lens on this camera, I’m in business.