I Don’t Want To Be A Consumer Mr. Wizard

Exakta VX & lens.
Exakta VX & lens.

Traditionally, I have been a great partaker of the Photography Press. It has been related to my livelihood and my primary hobby pursuit since I was a teenager. As an old fella now, I find that I’m not quite as enthusiastic towards the photography press. I have whittled my primary sources of information down to just a few websites. I don’t subscribe to print publications these days, they are dropping at a steady rate and cost money. I do have a paid subscription to Luminous Landscape. It’s not expensive and has a more “photography” orientation than most of the other Internet offerings, which tend to center their efforts on talking about consumer interests and such. Personally, I don’t care about being a photography consumer.

The number of photography related websites has certainly been dropping over the last 5 years or so. Most of the victims are those that are heavy on the consumerism. Take the Nikon-centric website ByThom. Thom Hogan is a sole proprietor website, and he has become well known as a authoritative source for Nikon photography equipment, and has kept up with the times as well as expanded his coverage to other photography systems. but, he is a niche in my opinion. He spends a lot of time talking about markets and marketing and manufacturing statistics and a lot of low level business speculation. It’s boring too. Most of his articles are just too boring to give me anything interesting that may actually relate to enjoying photography. Just my opinion. Obviously, he is maintaining some type of reader base, he’s still running the website. I don’t want to be a consumer Mr. Wizard.

We still have DPReview, but it’s a consumer oriented website to the max, and only a shadow of what it once was before Amazon dumped it. These days it feels like preprogrammed radio broadcasts that just play the greatest hits from years gone by. Same approach to articles without any real authority or authenticity. Just “photographic muzak” to me.  I’ll pass. One thing that makes DPReview half way acceptable is it being a good reference for research on the primary differences between camera brands and models. Particularly at the consumer level. It’s a great place for the uninformed consumer to inform themself about what’s on the used and new markets when looking for camera gear. They cater to the photography consumer. I don’t want to be a consumer Mr. Wizard.

Peta Pixel. Same thing as DP review, different spot on the highway. I don’t want to be a consumer Mr. Wizard.

F-Stoppers?  I worked for them briefly. It wasn’t very interesting. They still owe me money. Consumer BS is their specialty. I don’t want to be a consumer Mr. Wizard.

Pick a website, it’s aimed at getting you to ogle over consumer offerings. Which brand is better, which brand sells the most. Which brand are you loyal too?

I don’t want to be a consumer Mr. Wizard.

I bought zero photography equipment in 2023, very little the year before and I don’t see much of a need to buy anything this year, 2024, unless something I am using breaks.

So, I’ll continue to read Luminous Landscape and pretend it’s the best photography related website until it dies or something better comes along.

Still, I can’t help but say it. I don’t want to be a consumer Mr. Wizard.