Hitting The Pause Button

Photograph of a moose in a lake in Colorado.
Shiras Moose – Northern Colorado

Where the heck have I been? I haven’t done a blog entry in quite some time.

Here’s a photo from this date in history, August 8th, 2013. I’ve been revisiting the year 2013 on Facebook, as it was a memorable and productive year for me. My productivity for 2023 has been very spotty, but with any luck I’ll have some fresh work to share in the coming days.

We make our plans but life has a way of requiring a change of course. I have been fairly distracted these past few weeks with a death in the family. As much as I would like to be out in the wilderness with my camera, family business takes precedent, so I had to hit the pause button on photography for a while. I’ll spare you the details, as I don’t really consider it topical to talk about private matters in great depth.

My mind hasn’t been idle, just my camera. I will be heading back out this week, with a friend, to look for moose again. In the meantime, I’ve been reminiscing by looking over my old photos. It helps to keep me motivated.

I’m also still working on researching Colorado Ghost Towns, and have added some more location information to my database. I’ll be picking that subject back up later this summer and autumn. Additionally, I have a new autumn color trip planned, but it’s not really so much about foliage, as it is about trains. I’ll be chasing the Cumbres & Toltec NGRR in New Mexico with my buddy Jon Steele in October.

All this idleness doesn’t make for good blog writing though. Somehow, it just hasn’t seemed as important. Losing a close family member brings you down to earth.

So, stay tuned. I’m back in gear, but not quite back on the road. When I do hit the road, I’ll have more to share.