Getting My Mind Right

Two Bison Butting Heads on a Cold Winter Morning

This is my Bison photography season. Bison in the snow is my goal.

I’m heading to Yellowstone National Park next week. Bison will be on the menu, there is no doubt about it. I have good access to Bison here in Colorado, but it’s getting a little stale. Same scenes, same Bison, same shots over and over again. Even at that, it’s still hit and miss on any given trip.

I’ve been to Yellowstone before, but never in the Winter. I’ll be looking for something a bit more dramatic, and oh, those Yellowstone Bison are pretty woolly this time of year, and that Yellowstone snow is pretty deep this time of year.

Until I get there, I’ll have to daydream. You get to daydream with me. Lucky you.

My bags are mostly packed and I’m mostly ready to go. Lucky me.