Finishing Up For The Year

Photograph of a Bison in Prairie Grass
Wild Bison in Colorado Winter Grass

With a streak of warm weather, I made a trip to Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR the day after Christmas in an attempt to top of the bison photographs. As luck would have it, a large herd was in a very photographable position and I was able to add several shots to this year’s collection.

A very enjoyable day to say the least. The Arsenal was crowded as expected, but driving around with the windows down and the bison cooperating as I listened to Pink Floyd made for a serendipitous experience.

There were also a lot of deer running around, however, the big bucks seemed to be mostly absent from the small groups scattered around the lakes, woods and fields. Not to worry though, the cooperating bison were more than enough to please my pallet.

I’m not sure if I’ll make another trip out before the end of the year, but I’m sure to be back on the animals before too long. I’m always looking for those great winter shots of frozen bison.