Finding Boyero

The hunt for Colorado ghost towns continues. We found it.

My friend Ricky and I made the drive to the high plains of Colorado looking for Boyero. Colorado is known for the Rocky Mountains and the numerous ghost towns in the mountains in the Western half of the state. But, half of Colorado is high plains. A lot of ghost towns are scattered around the high plains between Kansas and the mountains West of Denver. Colorado is a big place and there is plenty of action nowhere near the mountains.

Here’s a brief video from my dash cam as we pulled up to the ghost town, and a photo from the trip. A fun day with good company. I am really liking this ghost town hunting.

Boyero, Colorado. Ghost Town

Boyero is about 128 miles East by Southeast of Denver, off of highway 40 between Hugo and Kit Carson. Not much of anything out there on the Colorado plains but it does make for a pleasant drive from Denver. I chased the Union Pacific Big Boy through that area a couple of years ago on a return run to Denver from Kansas.