Cutting The Cord

Remnants of the old pc

My work is done with the office PC, for the most part. I’ve moved off the PC tower and my laptop is now the new king.

The laptop is connected to the Thunderbolt hard drive docking station with 19 terabytes of disk storage and room to expand. The old tower case has been disassembled. All that is left is to take the 32 gigs of memory out of it, remove the GIGAbyte/NVIDA video card (which I just bought last year) and clean it up for parting out. I’ve also reclaimed the 1 TB SSD drive from the desktop, which will go on the shelf or I’ll sell it.

As a matter of fact, I think I’ll put it all up for sale on Craigs List.

ATX large tower with a mondo power supply and 6 hard drive slots. (This is a badass desktop tower, can handle just about anything)

Intel Motherboard with an i7 CPU/Internal Graphics

32 Gigs of system memory (4 ea, 8 gig memory modules.)

Gigabyte GEFORCE GTX 1650 PCIe video card

2.5/5 Ghz PCI ethernet card

1 TB Seagate SSD Plus Solid State Disk Drive

Blueray/DVD/CD drive

Should be worth something to someone.

If you are interested and would like to know more, drop me a message.