Covid-19 Hunker-down Log – Stardate 44107.43

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence


Combating Boredom

We’ve been preoccupied with the Cameron Peak fire this week, as it moved within 2 miles of the cabin in Red Feather Lakes. Keeping our fingers crossed that it may skirt on by us without destroying the village. So far, so good, but the smoke is bad up there and we have the addition of the Mullen fire that started in Wyoming to the Northwest and is moving in our direction. Nasty business. Looking forward to some snow to put an end to this disaster. None in the forecast.

During a different year, I’d be on my annual Autumn photography trip but the pandemic and wildfire smoke have put a squash on that idea. I did manage to get out for a little wildlife photography this morning at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR. Arrived at sunrise and the deer were plentiful, though not in great photographic locations, and there weren’t a lot of bucks running around. I managed a few clicks though.

Happy Thought Inventory

Loving the cooler weather but we could use some moisture to go along with it. The drought is still upon us, but at least it isn’t 90+ degrees every day.

I’m also looking forward to getting out for some Bighorn Sheep photography. They normally start their rut in mid-October, so maybe a run into the mountains this week will be happening. What ever the case, it’s nice to pack the camera bag and take a few photos.

Slacker Status

Slacker is as slacker does. I hear the President has contracted COVID-19. Two words come to mind. Empathy and sympathy. I have empathy for the man and the people around them. I have little sympathy though. The way he has flaunted and ignored the existence of the pandemic, it doesn’t really concern me that he now has a deadly virus. Stupid is as stupid does.

No first responder activity to report.

Still alive and well here in Denver.