Change Of Seasons

Autumn in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado
The View From Last Dollar Road in The San Juan Mountains in Autumn

I’ve been laying low the past couple of weeks since finishing my Big Boy train chase across Kansas and Eastern Colorado. The weather here in Colorado is finally cooling off. Autumn color will soon be a highlight of the Rocky Mountains and I’m currently preparing to do a road trip to South Dakota.

I’ve been to South Dakota before but only by air travel and I’ve never been out and about beyond the confines of an airport. This year, I plan to visit the Black Hills and Custer area. I have no idea what to expect other than having a good time with the wife, on the road, doing what we love to do.

With the pandemic still in full swing, I tend to stay hunkered down at home when I don’t have to be out and about. I’m hoping to get some color in Northern Colorado and work a bit from my cabin in Red Feather Lakes, which is currently being re-stained. We had a good run of activity in the “High Country” this Summer and it’s almost time to shut it down for the Winter, but one more trip at least, just to squeeze in every cent of enjoyment.

Photographically, I’ll be working Big Horn Sheep this Autumn between October and Mid-December. I’ll probably be returning to Rocky Mountain Arsenal for deer and bison photos during the Winter months. Back to the normal cycle of photography life here along the front range of Denver.

My camera kit survived the Summer with only minor damage done to one of my tripods. Not bad. Nothing that can’t be dealt with. I normally tear something up each year while out bumping around the mountain roads. I put some mileage (shutter clicks more specifically) on the Nikon D850 and D810, not using my other camera bodies that much. It’s still good to know that I can grab any camera in the cabinet and get great shots though. Since I’m not investing in mirrorless equipment any time in the foreseeable future, the DSLR’s will keep me happy for a few more years at least.

Still alive and well here in Colorado. Staying hunkered down and keeping a good state of mind while we all deal with this global pandemic.