Catching Up

Here it is, late May and I’ve been more or less treading water with photography as I take care of life and family things, which have priority.

My original planning had me traveling to Colorado National Monument the week before Memorial Day, but I’ve pushed that off until the week after Memorial Day. The car just came back from the repair shop so it’s looking and running well, but that repair put a dent in our plans. We’ve been doing our normal Spring routine of getting the lawn watering system running and doing the typical lawn work. Used to, they’d say “don’t plant your flowers until after Memorial Day” but they moved the date up to Mother’s Day, in some type of impatient home advice, which I’ve never followed. Here in Denver, Mother’s Day is a little early in my opinion. The Spring tease is just that, a tease. This year is a good example of why it’s better to wait until early June. We’ve been enjoying nice warm and dry weather for the entire month, but low and behold, here comes the snow. The National Weather Service is forecasting a Winter storm to hit Colorado this weekend starting on the 20th. 2-4 inches of snow are in that forecast too. Winter does what it wants, when it wants, here in Colorado. When one plants flowers too early, one pays the price for their impatience.

My grandson Cameron is graduating from Columbine High School this weekend. The location is supposed to be Red Rocks Amphitheater near Morrison on Friday night, but we may well be in the throws of thunderstorms and cold temperatures. It’s a wait and see situation. But, the thought of my grandson  graduating from High School is heart warming. I still see him as a young boy but today he’s tall and handsome and displays a remarkable resemblance to myself when I was his age. Actually, he’s much better looking than I was, but the family resemblance is still there. It does a grandpa proud.

Most of my time lately has been spent doing yard work, editing photos for Stock and watching reruns on television. I’m ready for a road trip though. I’ve been working on a new book about photography in Colorado. It’s a slow grind, as I still have a few places to check off the list before I can really get down to fleshing it out in totality. It should be done in a couple of years, ha!

So there you have it. I’m all done catching up.