Autumn Frame Of Mind

Autumn Photo of the Wilson Range in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.
Autumn morning in the Wilson Range of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. (click the image for a larger view)

I am in a changing gears phase of the year. With moose photography ended and summer coming to an end, my attention is now focused on an upcoming trip to Grand Mesa for autumn color.

Today’s photo is of the Wilson Range in the San Juan Mountains, made in the fall of 2019, the last “official” autumn photography trip I made, so after a 2 year break it’s time for me to look for some fresh scenery and expand my coverage of the state of Colorado.

This year’s trip will be with a couple of my regular photography buddies, Jim Esten and Jonathan Steele. I always enjoy working with these two guys. Both of them are great photographers and excellent company.

We will be heading out to Grand Mesa at the end of September. I’ve never worked Grand Mesa for autumn color and have only traveled a tiny portion of the area over the years. I expect it to be a little different, as Grand Mesa is the largest flat top mountain in the world, but there are not a lot of majestic mountain peaks that I’m aware of. I need the challenge of making something different, and I can hardly hang my hat on the fact that there are areas of the state that I have neglected in my career.

Things are about to change though. I’m now in an autumn frame of mind.