2022 – Moose By The Numbers

Bull moose in the rain. Colorado Moose Living in the Wild Rocky Mountains

I am at the tail end of my annual Summer moose photography season. All things considered, I’ve had a pretty good year for moose.

I may get back out in late August, but I have a few personal matters to get past before I can plan anything specific. Knowing me, I’ll find a way.

So how did it go this year? Total moose photographs for this year comes to 3,221 images (and maybe more to come), which is more productive than my previous two years. I write that off to the pandemic though. I’ve had more prolific years in the past, due mainly to doing workshops and group tours.

On the stock photography front. I have identified at least 50 new photos for stock from my most recent trip. Add to them the weeks prior, and I’ve got a fairly nice haul of new material for the stock sites. My goal this year to get get my online stock portfolio up to at least 5,000 images and right now I’m hovering at 4,916 currently online. Throw in another 50 from moose and whatever I get from Autumn photography next month and I don’t see a problem reaching my 5,000 image goal for the year. No complaints.

2022 was the year of the Bull from my perspective. Lots of bulls running around out there this year. Not as may cows as normal and fewer calves as a result. I’ll take the bulls though, as they sell the best.

I’m rested up from last week’s moose adventure and am now hunkered down in my office editing the photos. It’s a good feeling knowing that I have a large batch of new moose shots to edit. A return to normalcy after slacking off for the past two years.